Video: Rob Ninkovich Destroys Bills Coach Sean McDermott With An All Time Rant

The New England Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills 14-10 on Monday amid an intense storm that featured gusts of wind above 50 mph. A large story was the coaching mismatch that played out on the sidelines as New England had a game plan for the elements, throwing the ball just three times, while Buffalo seemed unprepared and flustered throughout the game.

Rob Ninkovich, a former Patriots linebacker who is now an analyst for ESPN, had some harsh words for Bills coach Sean McDermott following the loss, laying into him in a full-on rant during Wednesday’s episode of “Get Up.”

“Their mind is gone,” Ninkovich said. “I could say it another way. We all know what that phrase is. You fill it in. Mind is gone. They’re not going to win this next game. It’s over with. What are we doing? What are we doing, head coach? C’mon. What are we paying you – I don’t know. A lot of money. These head coaches, I tell you.”