Matt Patricia Is No Longer A Member Of The Patriots

It looks like the New England Patriots are moving on from Matt Patricia.

Patriots insider Tom Curran suggested that Patricia is not part of the Patriots plans going forward.

“I think he is, at this juncture, from what I’ve gathered, kind of untethered. He’s not with the Patriots,” said Curran. “Robert Kraft, not on the record, but certainly characterized a level of respect for Patricia and Joe Judge as coaches and guys. So I don’t think they’re persona non grata. But I don’t know if they have an exact role for him. I think he would be a little bit radioactive if he had any involvement with the offense at all. The defense seems kind of set. Does he come back in an Ernie Adams role? I think he’s exploring his options.”

Curren says Patricia’s surprise interview with the Broncos may have been Sean Payton doing Belichick a solid.

“Got him in for an interview, keeps his name in circulation. It could’ve been that,” said Curran. “It could’ve been concrete.”

It was clear that the Patriots are ready to move on with a complete rebuilding of the offensive coaching staff after a very disappointing season. It is probable best that both sides move on.

Patricia was the Patriots defensive coordinator from 2012 to 2017, and was a member of three Super Bowl championship teams with the Patriots, two as defensive coordinator, and one as an offensive assistant back in 2004.