Chances Mac Jones Gets Traded “Over Robert Kraft’s dead body” According To Patriots Insider

There have been a lot of rumors going around about the New England Patriots potentially moving on from Mac Jones, but according to NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran, there is no chance of it happening this season.

Curran squashed the trade rumors during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show.

“Absolutely, positively not,” he said. “That would happen over Robert Kraft’s dead body. We’ll talk about that in 2024 if it’s another mediocre season. But this notion that the Patriots would move on from Mac Jones after last July at the outset of training camp when Bill Belichick talked about Mac Jones making a drastic improvement from an already highly impressive rookie year — if they now want to move on from him and his $4.36 million salary or whatever it is because of what happened in 2022, who’s holding the smoking gun for what happened? That coach! The decisions.

“I think that if he walked to Robert Kraft and said, ‘I’m thinking of moving on from Mac here, he was really surly,” I think Robert Kraft would say, ‘Are you out of your mind? He’s making $4 million. He was a good player last year. He’s a bad player now…Why is that?’ Then you’d have to say, because we did nothing to help him. So I think any speculation that Mac Jones would be trade bait or a trade object in 2023 is coo coo.”

With Mac currently owed only $4 million for next season it would not make much sense from a logical standpoint to move on to another mediocre veteran quarterback that could cost 5 times more. There are not a lot of options available, and Mac definitely deserves another chance after the disastrous coaching staff they stuck him with last season.