ESPN Analysts Are Overwhelmingly Giving The Celtics An 86% Chance Of Winning The NBA Finals

While Vegas odds have the Golden State Warriors as slight favorites over the Celtics in the NBA championship, ESPN analysts feel quite differently. It should be an interesting matchup. The Celtics significantly outsize the Golden State Warriors, and with their superior defense they will certainly wreak havoc on Golden State’s offense.

ESPN’s Jalen Rose expects the NBA Finals series between the Celtics and Warriors to go to seven games, and believes the Celtics can come out on top.

“While so many are going to talk about the great defensive prowess of both teams, I look at the multiple offensive weapons that the Golden State Warriors have, and it’s going to be looking way different in the Miami Heat did.”

“But, Marcus Smart is a defensive player of the year,” Rose said. “Tatum and Brown are competitive defensively, so they’ll be up for the challenge.”

“Expect what you’ve got this series, a seven game series,” Rose said.

“The Boston Celtics, I really believe, have the chance to win it all this year,” Rose said.