Xander Bogaerts Signed With San Diego Padres For An 11 Year $280 Million Deal

The Red Sox made their final attempt, but San Diego backed up multiple Brinks trucks, and gave Xander Bogaerts a whopping $280 million 11-year deal. I can hear Don Orsillo now the first time Xander hits one out of the park, “Welcome to Xan Diego”.

As much as I love Xander, there is no way the Sox could match that, especially with Marcelo Mayer waiting in the wings, and the absolute pressing need to re-sign Rafael Devers. Bogaerts is already 30, and his power is already in decline. He’s also probably not going to be viable at shortstop in a few years. A short 4-5 year deal would have made sense to bring him back, but the deal he got from the Padres is unbelievable.

The Sox have some options here, they can find a stop gap for Meyer, or slide Trevor Story back to SS at his natural position. Best of luck to Xander in that loaded lineup out in San Diego.