Video: Robert Kraft Announces Plans Are In The Works For A Tom Brady Career Celebration.

According to Robert Kraft he is going to bring Tom Brady back to Foxborough.

In an interview with NBC 10′s Malcolm Johnson, the Patriots owner announced that the team plans to celebrate Brady’s career but did not specify a date and time yet. Kraft said that he hopes it becomes an annual tradition.

“He is a Patriot from start to finish,” Kraft said. “We’re going to have him back here and celebrate his 20 years with the Patriots. Hopefully we’ll have occasions to do it every year for different reasons. We’ll be at 25 years since the first Super Bowl (soon). But he’s a very special person. He’s been, I’d like to say like a brother to me, but really a son, and he’s pretty special.”

Kraft was then asked if he was thinking a one-day contract or a separate celebration.

“All of the above,” Kraft said.

This would definitely be a fitting ending to Tom Brady’s storybook career.

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