Video: Pedro Martinez Delivered A Surprise Graduation Speech To Lawrence High School Students

High school graduation day is an exciting day to begin with. For the Lawrence High school class of 2022, it is a day that they will never forget. Red Sox legend, Pedro Martinez showed up to give a speech to the students on their big day.

While the students were waiting inside the gym, the class of 2022 thought they were just waiting for their cue to walk outside.

Then Red Sox great Pedro Martinez slipped in a side door and the seniors burst into applause and cheers.

Like many of the Lawrence High School graduates, Pedro Martinez was born in the Dominican Republic. He came to the United States to pursue a dream career as a baseball pitcher.

Martinez, accompanied by his wife, Carolina, was in Lawrence to congratulate and encourage the graduates. He also wanted to amplify a new partnership between the Lawrence Public Schools and the Pedro Martinez Foundation.

Pedro Martinez challenged the students to change the world.

“I believe that we can overcome anything we choose to overcome, if we have faith, we believe in our families, we believe in the values that we have,” Martinez said.