Video: Pat McAfee is Trying To Lure Bill Belichick to Join His Show On ESPN

Bill Belichick still hasn’t found a job, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anyone hoping to work with him.

Pat McAfee, the charismatic former NFL punter turned sports commentator, is on a mission. His target? None other than the enigmatic Bill Belichick, the legendary coach who led the New England Patriots to multiple Super Bowl victories.

Belichick, known for his stoic demeanor and tense press conferences could be a perfect match. After parting ways with the Patriots, he finds himself without a coaching gig for the first time in decades. But could the allure of the media world be tempting for the hoodie?

McAfee, host of “The Pat McAfee Show” on ESPN, isn’t one to shy away from audacious goals. In a recent episode, he declared, “I am trying my best to get Bill Belichick on this program at least once a week going forward. Just at least once a week going forward in the football season.” His eyes gleamed with excitement as he envisioned peppering Belichick with questions, dissecting Xs and Os, and unraveling the mysteries behind those infamous Patriots game plans.

But why would Belichick, a man of few words, agree to such a proposition? McAfee believes it’s a chance for fans to see a different side of the coach—the one that emerges when he’s not in the heat of battle. “Having Belichick do a weekly spot on my show would be a dream come true,” McAfee gushed. “Know that I am throwing my hat into the ring in a big way.”

The unlikely duo were together during the Army-Navy game in December. McAfee, there with ESPN’s “College GameDay,” exchanged some good-natured banter with Belichick. Could this be a sign that the coach is ready to loosen his hoodie and spill some secrets?