Video: David Ortiz Captures Jaylen Brown’s Clutch Game-Tying Shot on Video

In a heart-pounding Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown delivered an unforgettable performance. With seconds ticking down and the Celtics trailing by three points, Brown stepped up to the three-point line. The crowd held its breath as he released the ball, and it swished through the net, tying the game and sending it into overtime.

But what makes this moment even more special? None other than Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz was courtside, capturing the shot on video. Ortiz, known for his heroics on the baseball diamond, turned his attention to basketball and caught Brown’s game-tying three-pointer from an incredible angle. The video quickly went viral, with fans celebrating both Brown’s clutch play and Ortiz’s impeccable timing.

The Celtics eventually secured the win in overtime, but it was that electrifying shot that will be etched in fans’ memories forever. Ortiz’s presence and the shared excitement between two Boston sports icons added an extra layer of magic to an already thrilling game.