Tom Brady Will Break Numerous Records He Already Owns When He Takes The Field Tonight

At this stage of his career there is not much left for Tom Brady to accomplish outside of preventing anyone from ever catching his records. Many of Tom’s playoff records are almost as unreachable ,as Wayne Gretzky’s scoring records are in hockey. We can only hope that Tom gets to pad his stats deep into the playoffs this season.

Tom Brady currently owns every major career record at quarterback, and it is highly likely they will not be broken for many generations if ever.

Games played: Today’s game will be Brady‚Äôs 41st postseason game. Adam Viantieri is 2nd in NFL history, with 32 playoff games.

Passes thrown: Brady has thrown 1,589 passes in the postseason. Peyton Manning is next with 1,027.

Passes completed: Brady has completed 1,005 passes in the postseason. Almost doubling Peyton Manning, who is in 2nd place with 649.

Most Touchdown passes: Tom Brady 73. Joe Montana has 45

Most passing yards: Brady has 11,179 yards. Peyton Manning is 2nd with 7,339

Games as winning quarterback: Brady has won 30 postseason games in his career. If Brady and the Pats can win their next 2 games Brady will have twice as many playoff wins as any quarterback in NFL history. Joe Montana is currently in 2nd with 16 career wins.