Thinking About Going To Fenway During The World Series? Ticket Prices Are Off The Charts

The Red Sox postseason slogan is Do Damage, but if you are expecting to see them during the World Series at Fenway Park it will be doing damage to your savings.  Boston sports fans have been blessed with numerous championship games since the turn of the century. This Red Sox upcoming World Series will be the 16th time one of Boston’s big 4 have made it to the finals. If you were looking to go see the Sox this time though it might be time to take that money you were hiding in the walls out because ticket prices this year will be on the extreme side. Then again the Red Sox fan base waited 86 years, we are in the golden age now so there was never a better time to catch them in the World Series if it is on your bucket list.

Stubhub prices for Game 1 are off the charts. Here is the list of prices for tickets to game one:

I’m going to need my winning numbers to come up in the lottery tonight.