The Verdict Is In: Mac Jones Found Not Guilty By NFL

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was not penalized for grabbing Panthers defensive end Brian Burns‘ ankle and rolling him to the ground after Burns stripped Jones of the ball in last Sunday’s game, but Burns’ teammate Haason Reddick called it a “completely dirty” play that he hoped the league would address with a fine.

Reddick’s wish was not granted. According to multiple reports, Jones was not fined for a play that he wasn’t even penalized for holding during the game.

Mac Jones said his actions last Sunday were because he was shaking off a hard hit and thought Burns had the ball. Burns said he thought an apology from Jones would be nice but Jones declined to offer one. Burns also wished his fellow defensive ends “happy hunting” against the Patriots rookie and Myles Garrett of the Browns will be on the prowl this Sunday.

Here is the infamous play again if you missed it: