Rob Gronkowski praises Bill Belichick after ‘The Dynasty’ backlash

Rob Gronkowski recently praised his former coach and talked about Bill Belichick leaving New England. Despite Rob Gronkowski’s reputation for his lively social life during his tenure in New England, he acknowledged on “Eye on Foxborough” that his NFL success was largely due to the strict discipline enforced by Coach Belichick.
“It was very sad to see Coach Belichick go, because there wouldn’t have been a dynasty, there wouldn’t have been 20-plus years of a winning culture in New England without Coach Belichick,” Gronkowski said. “He set the standard. Coach Belichick was the standard. Without him, none of this was possible. There’s no doubt about that. To see him go was sad. I mean, I had a tear. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every good thing comes to an end, there’s no doubt about that. Now it’s time to flip the New England Patriots and see where they’re going.”
The relationship between Gronk and Belichick wasn’t always harmonious during his time in Foxborough. However, under the stringent guidance of the coach Belichick, Gronk evolved into one of the NFL’s most outstanding tight ends. Gronkowski expressed that, regardless of any tension with Belichick, he has no regrets about his tenure with the Patriots.
“Absolutely not. I needed that type of experience,” Gronkowski said. “I’m so glad I went to the New England Patriots. That fit my lifestyle. That fit my culture. It fit who I am as a person. I believe that I was (destined) to go to the New England Patriots as well. I would not change my first nine years of being with the New England Patriots. I was open arms welcomed by all the New England fans. No doubt about that. They loved me. I loved the fans up there. I loved the culture up there. I love the Boston culture. Boston Strong culture. Just everything about it (embodied) what I represent. It was just an amazing time. All the championships won.
“I kind of needed that structure as well in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am right now to this day without Coach Belichick being tough on myself and helping me get to the next level at practice or in a game. So I would never, ever, ever change a thing.”