Report: Mac Jones Patriots Teammates Are Reportedly Sick Of Him

Mac Jones isn’t well liked among his Patriots teammates according to a recent report. Jones made an unexpected appearance at Mayo’s introductory press conference sporting Patriots workout gear. According to a report from Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal, that rubbed his some of teammates the wrong way.

“He was in his workout gear, which is ironic since he cleared the entire locker at the end of the season,” a team source told Bedard. “… I mean, come on man.”

Jones teammates were also not very thrilled with the way he handled getting benched after a miserable season.

“Everyone’s watched him play, they’ve watched him act like a prima donna,” the team source added of Jones. “The team is sick of it, everyone’s sick of it.”

If this is the case the Patriots should need to move on from Mac Jones as soon as possible.