Julian Edelman Wants To See This One More Thing From Mac Jones

Julian Edelman has had a lot of praise for Mac Jones in recent weeks, but he still wants to see one more thing from the rookie quarterback of the Patriots.

Appearing on Pardon My Take Friday, Edelman said he would like to see Jones overcome some adversity.

“You want to see the toughness of a guy,” he said. “We’re seeing how he can take in the offense and he can be an efficient quarterback, but there’s going to be times where it isn’t always sunny. They are on a five-game winning streak, I want to see that last bit to see if he’s your guy. He’s their guy, but I want to see something go wrong and I want to see the man he is in an adverse situation. That’s when you see your best leaders. That’s when the Tom Brady’s, I mean I only know him, but when he goes out in any situation, when we were down a certain number of points, like you saw like a laser focus in his eyes. You want to see it.

“Everything looks great right now. He’s looking like a really good quarterback, he’s taking in the offense, he plays on time.”

Mac Jones and the Patriots are 7-4 this season and currently cemented in the AFC playoff picture, while Jones is completing an astounding 70% of his passes to go along with 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

[Pardon my take] Segment with Edelman talking about Mac Jone toughness, "playing on time" and hearing through the grapevine that "he’s a 20 mph guy" from Patriots