Josh Gordon Was Released Because Bill Belichick Could Not Depend On Him

Josh Gordon’s release was a shock for all Patriots fans, but there was obviously an underlying reason that he was cut. It basically came down to Bill Belichick did not feel he could count on him. Gordon reportedly had poor work ethic that was becoming a concern.

“He was showing signs of undependability,” Curran said. Not only that, Curran also said Gordon was having issues with showing up late to team meetings, coaches had issues with locating him and that he simply wasn’t doing his job the way Belichick expects from his players.

When asked about Gordon’s release, Belichick didn’t elaborate but you could tell that he was less than impressed,
“That’s in the past. We’re onto Baltimore.”

Talent alone was not enough for Gordon to keep his job. Of course all the poor work habits combined with the way his season ended last year forced Belichick into his decision. The trade for Mohamed Sanu was clearly to replace Gordon. The Patriots did a great thing helping Josh through his issues and hopefully he can continue to stay out of trouble. At the end of the day it was up to Gordon to prove beyond any doubt that he belonged on the roster. Belichick owed him nothing and is not about to entrust another Super Bowl attempt on someone that is not giving his 100% combined with this past issues. That is not and has never been the Belichick way.

Gordon was welcomed back by Pats fans with open arms, but had the Patriots not won the Super Bowl, there would have been plenty of fingers pointed at Josh Gordon for getting suspended. Thankfully for Josh and Patriots fans that didn’t become an issue. Hopefully Josh takes everything he has learned and makes the most of the chance the Patriots have given him going forward.