Bill Belichick Made A Touching Tribute To Jerry Remy During His Morning Interview

Bill Belichick was wrapping up his weekly interview this morning on the Greg Hill Show, and made a touching tribute to Jerry Remy before signing off.

The legendary former Red Sox player and broadcaster, passed away on Saturday after a long battle with lung cancer. Remy, and Belichick had a great deal of mutual respect for each other.

“Before we sign off, on behalf of all of our fans, who I’m sure are Red Sox fans, I just want to say how much we’re all saddened by Jerry’s passing and how much he meant to all of us and the connection he was to the Red Sox,” Belichick said. “His voice in the game, he meant so much to Boston sports as a player and as an announcer. His commentary on the game and his insight into the game, we’ll all miss him. I know our fans are Remy fans and Red Sox fans too. Our sympathy goes out to the Remy family. I just want to express all of our appreciation for all that he did to make Boston sports enjoyable and exciting for all of us. We’ll certainly miss him.”

Red Sox fans will never forget the legendary player/broadcaster that has been part of our lives for over 4 decades. Jerry Remy will forever be a hero for many, and local legend.