Bailey Zappe Says He Will Take Full Advantage If Given The Opportunity To Win The Starting QB Job

The New England Patriots 2nd year starter Bailey Zappe is not assuming anything, and says he is fully prepared to do whatever it takes to help the Patriots win. If that includes challenging Mac Jones, the presumed starting quarterback then so be it.

“If my opportunity presents itself, like I’ve been saying, I’m going to take full advantage of it,” Zappe said at a youth football clinic on Wednesday. “I’m going to do everything I can to help the team win. That’s what they all can say from that standpoint. It’s coach [Bill] Belichick’s decision, whatever he decides. But if the opportunity presents itself, I’m ready and take advantage of it.”

Most NFL backups know their role, but Zappe isn’t about to role over and give Mac Jones the job without a fight. Zappe impressed during his brief opportunity to lead the Patriots last year. While Bill Belichick has not openly come out and named Mac Jones the starting quarterback, Mac would likely need to underperform during the preseason for Zappe to get a realistic shot.