Video: Tom Brady Laughs As Peyton Manning Tells Him He Betrayed Patriots Fans

Tom Brady found it humorous yesterday, when Peyton Manning, jokingly let him know he sold out Boston sports fans during a 4 way video chat last night, that included Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, as they prepare for their charity golf game. I bet Brady would be surprised if he knew how many Patriots fans would not see the humor in it. Patriots fans are divided to the point where many claim they don’t even want to hear Brady’s name anymore. Like it or not, Brady’s stature will always be larger in life in New England, and it may be a while before some fans are willing to welcome him back in their lives after what many consider a shocking departure. I bet he would be surprised at how many fans think he sold out the city, like Ray Allen and Johnny Damon did when they left in free agency.

After Tom Brady took a few shots at Manning for dominating him during his career, Manning fired some trash talk back at Brady for his recent troubles in Florida and said he would prefer to play their golf matchup in a neutral site where fans don not like Tom Brady, somewhere like Indianapolis or Boston.