Video: Celtics Fans Dropping F-Bombs After Draymond Green’s Ejection Has The Warriors Upset

The Golden State Warriors appear to be upset at the Celtics fans after directing explicit language towards Draymond Green, who tried to pull Jaylen Brown’s pants down on the court in Game 2. The fans were on Green all game, but after he fouled put of the game, the fans really let him have it.

After the game, Warriors forward Klay Thompson said “It was not a factor. We played in front of rude people before dropping f-bombs with children in the crowd. Real classy. Good job, Boston,” Thompson said.

“On the crowd’s response to Draymond, classy. Very classy,” Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said.

The Warriors and Klay about to learn the hard way that the Boston Garden isn’t a good place for millennial crybabies. Maybe they should be more concerned about keeping Draymond Green in check. There is no way his antics are going to go unnoticed.

You can be sure that the Celtics faithful will not treat him any better in Game 4.