Tom Brady Whipped The Steelers Fans Into A Frenzy After The Game

If there was any doubt about how much Tom Brady desires a 6th ring it was answered on Sunday in Pittsburgh. Before the game began Tom Brady walked on to Heinz Field to a sea of boos from the Steelers fans. Instead of ignoring the noise, Brady uncharacteristically was seen embracing it and giving it back WWE style. This was entertaining to see but his exit was even greater.

In what may have been the most exciting minute of regular season Patriots football history. Steelers fans and had their hearts ripped out of their chests after Duron Harmon’s game ending interception keeping control of Home Field advantage with the Patriots. Steelers fans that were hating on Brady got a taste of their own medicine after the game. While they were still in shock it was now Brady’s turn to rub it in.