The Current 2021 NFL Salary Cap Situation May Put The Patriots In Prime Position As A Super Bowl Contender

As much as it hurt to see Tom Brady leave the Patriots for Tampa, it might turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to the New England Patriots. With the possibility of no fans in the stadiums around the NFL for the upcoming season, the league will have to find a way to counter the revenue losses. This will greatly affect the 2021 NFL salary cap. The Patriots are already in prime position to be big spenders next offseason, but a cap reduction would help them even further.

According to Ian Rapoport, the salary cap could drop by around “$40 million or a lot more per team”. That would put many teams well over the cap, meaning they would have to cut a significant amount of players, and would not have the money to retain key players. If Jarrett Stidham proves to be successful, the Pats have him locked in cheap through the 2022 season, and will give them freedom to build around him.

A drop in cap space can also give the Patriots an opportunity to retain upcoming free agent Joe Thuney, on a cheaper deal following the season. Thuney looked like he was going to be a certain cap casualty following the 2020 season, but that can all change now.

If the cap drops by $40 million the Patriots will also see an increased amount of quality free agents in addition to those already expected. They will also have less competition to acquire their services.

According to Over The Cap, only 10 of the league’s 32 clubs would currently stay under a $158 million threshold , including the New England Patriots.

This would leave the Patriots with around $33 million in cap space to work with, while the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs would be dealt a significant blow. The Patriots are already very strong on the defensive side of the football. With some growth this season from younger players and the possibility of adding a few potential stars to the roster in 2021, the Patriots could be in prime position to return to the top of the AFC.