Robert Kraft Told Gronk He Wants Him Back For The Playoffs

Gronk is back in the news in the story that never seems to die. Just when you think there is no possible chance Gronk would return a glimmer of hope appears.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, When Gronk was at his locker inside Gillette Stadium removing his personal belongings, Robert Kraft walked up to him to say goodbye. According to sources, Kraft was very clear about his wishes.

“Kraft told Gronkowski that he wants him to return for November, December, and a playoff run. If that happened, the team not only would welcome him back but would remain hopeful that it happens.
Time is running out for Gronk to make a return. According to the rules, the last day for Gronkowski and the team to agree to grant him an official return to the roster would be Saturday, Nov. 30 — the day before the team’s Week 13 game.”

I still believe this is highly unlikely, but given the Patriots issues at the tight end position and the secrecy of the organization I wouldn’t put anything past them. It will likely come down to how hard Kraft, Belichick and Brady make an effort to bring him back. At this point there are no signs that would happen. Either way we will have a final answer in the next few weeks.