Red Sox Ownership Made A Pathetic Attempt To Sugarcoat Cancelling Don Orsillo’s Tribute To Jerry Remy

The Red Sox ownership has some explaining to do this morning. Unfortunately for them there is no valid excuse for not letting Don Orsillo, Jerry Remy’s broadcast partner for 15 years, make a statement at Jerry Remy’s tribute last night. Try as they may, Red Sox fans are furious after finding out from Orsillo himself that his video tribute was cancelled at the last minute by Sox ownership.

Red Sox team president Sam Kennedy did his best to sugarcoat this bullshit, and try to put a spin on it, but it will fall on deaf ears.

“At one point, there was discussion early on in the planning about doing some video tributes from people, but as we got into the planning, we pivoted to one all-encompassing — it was pretty moving and emotional video tribute that included his former colleagues and teammates, including Don, of course, and others,” said Kennedy. “I thought it was a really well done video. In person, we had Tom Caron do the MC’ing, he did a great job, and Bob Stanley and Sean McDonough were able to be there in person, and they spoke live and did a great job, and represented the feelings I think we all had and have about Jerry.”

Kennedy added the Red Sox invited Orsillo to the ceremony, but he couldn’t make it, due to his responsibilities with the Padres.

“He was the first person that we called to invite to the ceremony and come back and participate alongside Jerry’s teammates and his colleagues from NESN. But he wasn’t able to make it, obviously, like a lot of Jerry’s former colleagues and players people with responsibilities across baseball,” Kennedy said. “So he wasn’t able to join us in person. It would’ve been great to have him there, but he couldn’t make it. We had a great ceremony. I think it was a great celebration of a man that everyone in New England felt they know, and certainly loved.”

Kennedy says the Red Sox didn’t intend to slight Orsillo.

“We just decided, given there were a number of former friends and colleagues of Jerry who couldn’t make it, rather than having a series of one-off videos from people like Tito or Dustin Pedroia or David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, John Farrell the list goes on and on we thought we would capture everybody the best we possible could in one video at the outset, and then pivot to a live, in-person ceremony, which is what we did,” Kennedy explained.

While a tribute from some of those mentioned above would have been nice, none of them were as remotely close to Jerry as Don Orsillo. He should have been the exception to the rule. These two were partners during the greatest moments in Red Sox history, and had given us numerous memorable moments that we will never forget. Their amazing chemistry was unmatched. Red Sox fans still have not forgiven Sox ownership gotten for the release of Orsillo in 2015, and this poor excuse will drive a wedge even further between them and the fans.