NFL Denied David Portnoy’s Winning $250,000 Charity Bid To Watch Football At Roger Goodell’s Home

Barstool Sports CEO David Portnoy’s, $250,000 bid to watch a Monday night football game at Roger Goodell’s house has been rejected by the NFL. Portnoy, who has been a long time critic of the commish, put up the money for a coronavirus relief fund a few weeks ago.

Portnoy, who was trying to troll Goodell for a good cause, announced he won the auction while wearing a “Fire Goodell” hat on May 11.

The NFL announced it will not allow Barstool’s Dave Portnoy to watch a “MNF” game with Roger Goodell after Portnoy failed a background check by the league. Portnoy was the highest bidder for the experience in an auction this spring.

NFL VP/Communications Brian McCarthy told said Portnoy’s multiple encounters with NFL security and his 2015 arrest for trespassing at NFL Headquarters during deflategate contributed to the failed test.

“He was the highest bidder, but the bid was contingent upon a background check,” McCarthy said. “So he consented to the background check, and it came back and he heard from the NFL today that he did not pass the background check. He will not be the winner.”

Portnoy has been a thorn in Goodell’s side since the start of the Deflategate sham. He was also famously dragged out of media night at Superbowl LI after sneaking in and wearing a disguise.

The NFL will donate the $250,000 in Portnoy’s place.

Portnoy fired back with an angry video.

Portnoy said:

“Two-hundred and fifty grand to charity, I won it fair and square, and they say no. Why? Because they’re afraid of me. They’re afraid of the brain, and they’re not going to have some fun with it. So, fuck you, Roger Goodell. By the way, don’t do charities and let the guy win it who you don’t want to win it. That’s on you.”