Hunter Henry May Sit Out An Important Regular Season Game

Hunter Henry has been a huge addition to the Patriots offense this season, especially in the red zone, but it is possible the Patriots could be without him later in the year if the birth of his first child is on gameday. Henry hopes the two events do not happen on the same day, but Hunter is fully prepared to sit out if neccesary.

Henry’s wife, Parker, is pregnant with the couple’s first child and due in late December.

“That’s a tough conversation, but this is my first, man,” Henry said. “If it had to be a game or seeing my firstborn born, I’m going to go see my child be born. We’re going to do our best to not have that come across. The biggest issue is when the game starts, and then if she goes into labor during the game. That’s where the issue kind of lies.

“But we’re ready, and we have a lot of backup plans to be ready to go.”

If that happens the Patriots will be counting heavily on Jonnu Smith to pick up the pieces. It could be a tough break for the Patriots to not have Henry’s services, but it is hard to blame him for wanting to be there for his family first.