Former Packers WR Greg Jennings Claims Nobody Is Afraid To Play Against The Patriots In The Playoffs

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings is claiming nobody is afraid to play the Patriots in the playoffs anymore. It seems like every year someone is trying to be first to predict the demise of the Patriots. Jennings lined up for his shot on FS1’s morning show “First Things First” on Tuesday to stake his claim.

“You’ve got to think about just the history of the New England and what goes before them, what precedes them? Their reputation has always preceded them. And teams are just not afraid to play the New England Patriots. They’re just not. There’s always been this little angst with teams going into Foxboro in January because of who? Tom Brady, and what he provides in the playoffs. Now, I get it, he’s a different player typically in the playoffs, and you don’t have to be so great, but you just can’t make mistakes, and he typically doesn’t do that. But when I look at these teams and what they’ve always been afraid of or leery of is Tom Brady beating them. And I just don’t see that being the case – No. 1 because his ability has started to decline, and then you already don’t have the personnel that’s going to elevate and supplement what he’s now lacking, which they did last year in Sony Michel.”

Jennings joins a long line of fools that say this every year, with the hopes of satisfying fans appetite around the league that absolutely hate the Patriots. If there is anything they should have learned by now, it is that the Patriots are a different animal in December. Brady and the offense may have their struggles, but they are getting Isaiah Wynn back for the stretch run and you can’t bet against them to find a way. Their demise was also predicted last year when all the media members were picking the Los Angeles Chargers only to see the Pats crush them 41-28 in the divisional round, in a game that was never in doubt. The Patriots went on to win in Kansas City against the heavily favored Chiefs. You can’t tell me that will not be on the minds of playoff teams this season.

Coming into Foxborough in January is no joke. There are a number of factors the opposition has to deal with, but nobody can come close to matching the experience of Tom Brady and numerous others that have made the AFC Championship an annual event over the last eight years. There is no way any team would choose to play against the Patriots, especially at Gillette, until they have to. Even at 42 years old, you can not bet against Tom Brady who has been the most clutch player of All-time. Add on the fact that Belichick usually saves his best for January and it will be a gloomy outcome for anyone who has to face us.

The Patriots are currently 14-1 in their last 15 games, including the Super Bowl and have won 20 straight at home. If you are not cautiously pessimistic about playing in New England in January then you probably haven’t been following along. Even if Brady is not at his greatest the mystique will still be there, and that may be enough alone to defeat the opposition before the game even starts. Until someone can prove otherwise with a large sample size, the Patriots dynasty will be here to stay.