Don Orsillo Is Clearly Upset That His Video Tribute For Jerry Remy’s Ceremony Was Cancelled

The Boston Red Sox held a highly emotional tribute to Jerry Remy tonight, and many of his teammates, and former colleagues at NESN were present, except for one glaring omission. Current San Diego Padres announcer Don Orsillo, who was Jerry’s partner at NESN for 15 years, was not there. Many fans expected some sort of video tribute from Orsillo, and apparently Red Sox management cancelled his video tribute.

According to Orsillo, who Tweeted this out an hour ago.

“I was offered the opportunity to do a video message for my friend and former partner Jerry Remy for tonight’s ceremony at Fenway Park. Sadly, I was notified by Red Sox/NESN that my video would no longer be needed for tonight’s ceremony. Here was my message.”

“Hey Boston Don Orsillo here working tonight in San Diego

I would like to thank the Red Sox for the opportunity to talk about my friend.

Jerry…. I miss you everyday. I miss your friendship, your daily texts, but mostly your laugh.

Without you Rem I am not in the major leagues today.

We worked together 15 years, and the last 13 you battled. I never thought you would lose.
The strongest person I have ever known.

Thank you to the Fenway Faithful and Red Sox Nation. I promise you, Jerry knew how
much you loved him, and kept him fighting to the end.

I would like to thank the Red Sox players for wearing the Remy 2 patch this year…it is so
very worthy.

To Phoebe, and the Remy family, I love you all, and share in your great pain.

Jerry…Thank you is not enough for everything you have done for me in my life or my career.

I love you Rem”

This is an absolute shame that Don did not get to say his piece during the tribute. I know things did not end well at all between Don and Red Sox management, but tonight was all about Jerry, and who better to include than one of his greatest friends. This was a time to set aside petty differences, and Sox management should expect a major backlash over the next few days.