Bill Belichick Will Use The Indianapolis Colts “Hard Knocks” Appearance Against Them

Bill Belichick has never been fond of sharing too much information about the way he builds and plans for the New England Patriots. The Patriots will be able to get a better inside look for the upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday since the Colts are featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this season. The popular show follows teams during training camp, and gives fans an inside look at how they operate.

With all the whining around the NFL about the Patriots filming practices, it is amazing that they are just handing Belichick this kind of information in a gift basket.

“We have people in our organization that scout the games in advance of when we play the teams,” Bill Belichick said via video conference Monday. “Starting two or three weeks before we play, they start to really track those teams and see how injuries have affected, if they have shifted their style of play, or whatever’s happened with the team. We track almost everything those teams, any team that we play does. Depending on the relevance or importance of that information, at some point, it gets relayed down the line. Yeah. We have somebody that studies each team, whether it’s any relevant comments or information that we think we think is relevant to the preparation for the team. That could be shared.”

The Patriots have never been featured on the show and for good reason. If it is up to Bill Belichick it will never happen.

“There’s a lot of reasons why I wouldn’t be excited about it,” he said.

The NFL can force teams to be part of it, but it can be avoided if your team has continued success, so it appears the Patriots will not have to worry about it for the foreseeable future.

1. They’ve been on the show in the past 10 years.

2. They have a first-year head coach.

3. The team misses the playoffs in either of the two previous seasons.