Bill Belichick Remains #1 On The NFL’s Top GM List

Each year Rotoworld ranks the top general managers in the NFL. Coming as no surprise Bill Belichick is routinely atop this list after two decades of domination in New England. Despite all the championships he has brought to the region, some fans still question his moves. Belichick is a genius but he is not perfect. He has made several head scratching moves in the past, but asking for perfection is asking for the impossible. Regardless of what Bill decides, I would rather trust his instincts than anyone else on this planet.

This is why Belichick remains the best in the business, according to Rotoworld’s Patrick Daugherty

“The Bears traded a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles. The Raiders made Marcus Mariota the highest-paid new backup at any position. Bill Belichick? He signed Cam Newton for $550,000 guaranteed on June 28. The move was the latest in a long-running trend. As the rest of the league ties itself up into knots trying to catch up with the Patriots, Belichick makes staying on top look easy. Belichick is not perfect, especially as a general manager. His roster failings are often wielded against him as a weapon, as if he is supposed to bat 1.000. A GM who does not make frequent, annual mistakes is a GM who does not exist. It is how you work around them that bakes the cake. Belichick left himself undermanned on offense last season. How did he compensate? By putting together the best defense of his entire tenure in New England. Belichick never focuses on what he doesn’t have. He takes his best shot at putting together a 53-man roster then molds and manipulates it as needed. It’s never flawless, but there are no excuses. Only Bill.”