Bill Belichick Destroys A Reporters Soul After She Asked If He Regrets Trading Jimmy Garoppolo –

Asking Bill Belichick a question has to be nerve-wracking for any reporter, but sometimes you have to wonder if they ask him things just to get a rise out of him. When Tom Brady was a little banged up while the Patriots were getting ready to face Jacksonville in the AFC Championship two years ago, a reporter asked Bill if he had any regrets about trading Jimmy Garoppolo. Belichick quickly gave her the death stare. There is nothing greater than watching Belichick dig in to his soul stealing material when one of these media clowns tries to antagonize him. There is no way in hell Belichick was going to offer up any sort of answer to that question. After all this is a guy that may have kept the pronunciation of his last name a secret for the past 40 years. It really has to suck being next in line after some idiot reporter pissed him off.

Jimmy Garoppolo will have another chance to help the Patriots out this weekend when the 10-1 San Francisco 49ers head to Baltimore to take on the 9-2 Ravens. A 49ers win would give the Patriots a little more breathing room for an opportunity to lock up home field advantage. With all the injuries the Patriots have had, the sooner they know where they will be seeded the better, so they can rest players for the playoffs. Of course if Jimmy G and the 49ers should pull off a win, someone will probably claim Bill Belichick has an advanced copy of Grey’s Sports Almanac from the future.