A Huffington Post Reporter Is Claiming Tom Brady Cheated Today

A so-called NFL analyst and Huffington post contributor is claiming that Tom Brady cheated today by breaking the uniform code. Tom Brady wore a wet suit like he has done in the past to stay warm in the sub-zero temperatures today in Foxborough.

This is not a rule violation nor did Brady try to hide it. She apparently went on a hissy fit and Tweeted out to every person or group ever connected to the football world to hopefully make a name for herself. I am sure the National Football League as shady as they are do not want their star players missing games because of sickness, there is no money in that.

This reporter went out of her way to accuse Tom Brady of cheating and then was upset when Patriots fans ripped her a new one. Patriots fans will always defend their players, especially when media members try to push a false narrative to purposely turn NFL fans against us.