Video: Tony Dungy Is Hating On Robert Kraft And The Patriots For Signing Antonio Brown

Tony Dungy kicked in his two cents about his feelings about Antonio Brown landing with the Patriots. As usual he went into attack mode as soon as he saw an opportunity. If it wasn’t coming from Tony Dungy, who is a known Patriots hater, an opinion about Antonio Brown could be justified. The problem here is Dungy roots against the Patriots with all his heart and rarely if ever will give them credit. Make no doubt about it, Dungy clearly hopes that Antonio Brown is a disaster in New England.

“I coached 13 years as a head coach, every year my first message to the team was we want to win Super Bowls,” he said. “Yes, we want to be talented, but we have to be role models. These kids in our country look up to NFL players and coaches, and I really think this sent the wrong message.
“I know coaches want to win, but I am disappointed in Robert Kraft. I think at some point you have to say as an organization we’re not going to do this.”

The Patriots are in the business of winning. They have avoided signing players with bad reputations for physical violence unlike other teams. Dungy should not talk about role models as he was made famous by having Warren Sapp as the key to his defense. Brown may have issues and possibly a little crazy but as a person he likely has greater character than many of the other players around the league. If Tony has an issue with teams signing role models, he should go after Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

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