Video: This “March Madness” Style Bracket Of Tom Brady’s Greatest Moments Is The Perfect Thing To Do While Stuck Indoors For The Next Month

It has been a brutal month, especially for Boston sports lovers. Not only did the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics seasons come to an abrupt halt in the midst of possible championship runs , when everything starts up again, we will be without the biggest legend in Boston sports history. Still we will always have the memories from the past two decades of domination. Memories that any other city could only dream of.

March Madness getting cancelled felt like a gut punch for many, and although this doesn’t quite make up for it, this is as close to it as we can get. Tucker Boynton set up this amazing bracket on Twitter, with You Tube video links to the Top 64 Patriots wins of the Tom Brady era. This is a flashback to many of our favorite memories of the past 20 years with hours worth of the greatest moments in Patriots history. This is the perfect thing to do if you start feeling stir crazy, while your stuck at home over the next few months.