Video: There Is No Better Destination Than New England For NFL Players In Search Of A Massive Payday

If you are an NFL player looking to raise your value there is no better place to play than Foxborough. The Patriots rarely spend big on Free Agents but they offer a great opportunity to increase your value. Numerous players have been plucked off the wire through free agency or minor trades by Bill Belichick, only to get coached up and shine brightly in the Patriots system. Many of these players have become key contributors in championship rosters and immensely increased their value. Winning games and personal recognition go a long way towards increasing a players stock. If those are the qualities in a franchise a player is looking for that is the one thing anyone that signs with New England can count on.

Championship teams are purged on a regular basis, that is nothing new. Everyone wants the services of a winner, but no team goes through this phase in professional sports history at the same rate as the Patriots. It seems as though Belichick always has the answer and replaces whatever the team loses with a fresh new face that leaves town a few years later for their own massive deal. This has been on a loop since the 2001 season.

Patriots fans freak out every season during this time period as they watch some fan favorites skip town but, Bill Belichick has let numerous star players walk in Free Agency over the years and rarely if ever has any of those decisions come back to bite the Patriots in the ass. It is the system the organization has set up for themselves to remain competitive over the last 2 decades and it is obviously working. There is not a better stop for a veteran in search of a ring to increase their value at the same time.