Video: Julian Edelman Graduated From Kent State University Today

Julian Edelman graduated from Kent University today. Although Edelman had made the big time and is easily set for life after an amazing football career, Julian still had the desire to get his diploma. In a statement released the other day Edelman shared his feelings on the importance of finishing the job.

“I believe it is important to finish what you start. This Saturday, I will be walking with my fellow Kent State graduates. Completing what I started back in 06. It is important to me that I make my parents proud as I fulfill a promise that I made to them that I would, one day, be a college graduate. I also want to set a great example for my daughter, so that when I talk about the importance of a college degree, I can show her that earning my degree was important to me. To my fellow Golden Flash graduates, Congratulations”.

The Patriots drafted Edelman with the 232nd overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, putting his studies on hold. Since leaving for the NFL, however, the 32-year-old took the necessary steps to earn a Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree, according to the university. Julian still proudly wears his Kent State football jersey at practice and is a member of the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame.