Video: Hilarious Footage From The Time Bill Belichick Told Wes Welker He’s Going To Lose Job To Julian Edelman

Wes Welker, was locked in as the Patriots slot receiver, while his job seemed untouchable, Bill Belichick gave him a warning that he did not heed when he told him the Wally Pipp story, insinuating he could lose his job to Julian Edelman. Pipp, who was one of the top power hitters in the American League, famously lost his first base job to Lou Gehrig when he sat out one day because he had a headache.

“In a preseason game against Philly, I wasn’t playing,” Welker said “Julian returns a punt and, you know, takes it to the house.”

Following the touchdown, Belichick immediately spoke into his headset to ask the team’s research director Ernie Adams, “What’s that guy’s name who played before Lou Gehrig?” Once he got his answer, he strolled over to Welker on the sidelines for a quick chat.

“Coach Belichick comes up to me and goes, ‘You heard of Wally Pipp?’” Welker recalls.

Turns out that he was not familiar with the former baseball player, prompting his then-coach to explain.

“You’ve never heard of him?” Belichick said, with a knowing look. “Well, he played first base before Lou Gehrig. Then Lou Gehrig started whatever it was, 2,300 straight games.”

“That might be the punt return story,” he said, as he started to walk away.

Welker promptly laughed it off without realizing that someday Julian Edelman really would take his starting job away from him.

Belichick is a complete savage! He might make it seem like he’s joking. But Belichick was dead serious.