Video: D’Qwell Johnson Asks Tom Brady To Help Him Get His Ball Back

D’Qwell Jackson had confirmed what everyone that was able to see the whole picture of Deflategate already knew. Deflategate was a complete fabrication of the NFL as they were trying to find a way to fill their pockets and level the playing field. Jackson was the Indianapolis Colts player who intercepted Brady’s pass in the AFC Championship that started the whole botched frame job. Immediately after Chris Mortensen’s false report of 11 out of 12 balls being well below the legal PSI limit Jackson’s name was next to pop up in the news. Unfortunately for the NFL Jackson was non cooperative.

Now Jackson is asking for Brady’s help to get his ball back. In a hilarious plea to Brady, Jackson spelled out exactly what he felt about what had happened. Jackson was extremely proud of that interception and planned to keep it as a prized possession.

“Boy did that feel good. I mean, you never throw them,” Jackson said of the INT. “Anyways, I gave the ball to the Colts equipment guy, they wrote my name and initials on that football and I had already started visualizing where I was going to place that football on my mantle.”

Things didn’t exactly go as planned because Jackson had no knowledge that Brady was about to be brought through a witch hunt.

“Here’s the fucked up part; I never got my ball back. The NFL said it was deflated. Then Bill Belichick and Bill Nye The Science Guy had a pissing contest over PSI levels,” Jackson explained. “The best way I can describe it is like meeting someone and it’s love at first sight. And after meeting once, you never have a chance to ever speak again. Roger Goodell probably has my fucking football on his damn mantle.
“Look Tom, you beat our ass fair and square. I’ve accepted it and moved on. But now I’m asking you man to man and father to father, please help me get my football back,” Jackson said. “Boy do I feel inflated.”