Video: Deion Sanders Explains Why The Patriots Are Still The Best Team In The NFL

By the way the media and fans around the league are talking after the Patriots loss to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night, you would think the sky is falling in New England. Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders says pump the breaks on that, because it is only one game and the Pats are still very much the team to beat.

“The Patriots are still the dogs,” Sanders said, “The Patriots have the No. 2 defense, and probably, I haven’t checked the statistics, probably still the No. 1 offense, or No. 2 or 3. No matter what it is, they’re still the best. They just lost a game, man, they didn’t lose who they are. They just lost a game. And I’m pretty darn sure they’re gonna face the Ravens again, probably in the second round of the playoffs, and there will be adjustments made. I can’t wait to see the second matchup.”

This is what I love about Deion, while all the media tries to push the narrative that dynasty is over, Deion holds his ground. He has no dog in this fight and no reason to show loyalty to the Patriots, yet he isn’t falling for the false narrative that the others are pushing.

While the Patriots certainly have some adjustments to be made. This isn’t the first time they have taken a severe beating during a championship season. In fact they have always played better when they have been challenged by adversity.

If the Patriots and Ravens do meet again, things will be different. Teams have never faired well against the Patriots when they have already seen them earlier in the year. The Patriots walked into a fired up Ravens team and a rabid crowd in Baltimore. The scene would be much different in Foxborough, and that is why locking up the top seed is so important. If their is a next time you can be sure the Ravens will see the full attack of the hoodie.