Video: Bill Belichick Yells At The Refs As If They Are His Children After They Told Him To Go Back To The Bench

There may not be another coach in the league that would get this upset over a timeout that never happened and I love Belichick all the more for it. During a key play Belichick went down the sidelines to see the Packers formation to determine if he needed to call a timeout. Belichick determined he didn’t need it and retreated to the bench area. Apparently the refs got confused as Belichick did not elect to take the timeout and asked him to move back after they had instructed him to be in that spot prior to the game. Belichick was upset because the refs gave him conflicting information and he was in the right to do what he did.

Now if you are a ref and Belichick calls you over to discuss the rules it is time to get nervous. Coach Belichick knows and can explain the rule book inside and out better than any coach in the league, and probably can teach them a thing or two. Belichick may have ripped into them hard but he treated them with respect and got his point across.