Video: Bill Belichick Mocks Reporter About A Rumor That Said Cam Newton Will Not Be Back With The Patriots Next Season

A rumor broke this morning that was seemingly misrepresented by ESPN than Cam Newton and Bill Belichick had agreed to part ways after today’s game. This was news to Belichick who slammed the report as nonsense in the post game interview. If Cam was definetly heading out the door, Belichick probably would not given him the start today.

Following the Patriots 28-14 win over the Jets a reporter said There was a report on ESPN today that there’s an understanding between you and Cam Newton that you’ll be going in different directions this offseason. Is there an understanding that this was Cam’s final game?”

Bill Belichick fired back “Is that another one of your anonymous reports?”

The reporter responded “That was from Adam Schefter this morning.”

Belichick then mocked him “I don’t think that’s what Adam said. You should talk to Adam about that then. Great question. Thank you.”

That will leave us with more questions than answers heading into the offseason on what direction the team will take, but one thing is certain, the Cam Newton era is not officially over in Foxborough at this time.

ESPN is up to their old tricks