Video: Bill Belichick Is Already In Midseason Form With His Hilarious Response To A Reporter

Bill Belichick held his annual pre draft press conference yesterday, and it looks like he is ready for the reporters early this season. There was a hilarious exchange between coach Belichick and WBZ’s Dan Roche when Belichick first took the Podium, when Roche asked how the coach was doing.

Dan Roche: Bill, how you doing?

Bill Belichick: Good Dan. How about you?

Dan Roche: No complaints. No complaints.

Bill Belichick: That’s good. We don’t want to hear them anyways, so…

Another classic Belichick zinger. Bill has always had the best quick sarcastic comebacks, but this time it was in good nature. You can be sure that the next reporter will not be so lucky.