Video: 49ers Legend Steve Young Called Patriots Haters Fools For Not Appreciating The Patriots Dynasty

There are millions of NFL fans that stay awake at night because they can’t stand the thought of the Patriots going to the Super Bowl every year. Many fans had hoped the Patriots would go away since they defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl 39 back in 2005, but they are still at the top of their game over a decade later with no immediate signs of slowing down. Legendary 49ers’ quarterback Steve Young has a message for those fans. Young said it is time to stop the madness and appreciate what the Patriots have been able to accomplish over the last 2 decades. The Patriots have built there dynasty on teamwork and changed the entire format in successful team building that many other NFL teams have been unable to grasp.

There will never be another NFL dynasty like this, it was never designed to work this way. The planets had aligned and given us the greatest quarterback and head coach in NFL history at the same time period and that is very unlikely to ever happen again.

Very well said. #ESPN #NFL #Patriots

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