Tom Brady’s Trainer Puts A Big Hole In Adam Schefter’s Rumors By Moving To Plymouth MA

On Monday night ESPN’s Adam Schefter claimed that Tom Brady is likely leaving the Patriots after the season is over. One of his main points was that both Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero put their houses on the market at the same time and they were likely to set up shop in another state. Guerrero killed that end of the hot take by buying his new home in Plymouth, MA which is only a 40 minute drive to Foxborough.

When both Alex Guerrero and Tom Brady put their homes on the market, it did cause some to panic, but it doesn’t look like they plan on moving very far. Brady and his wife, Gisele, are moving to Connecticut which would likely be more convenient for Gisele to get to work in New York. The TB12 foundation has planted it’s roots in New England and it would make no sense to jeopardize the company and alienate the fanbase at this stage of his career.