Tom Brady’s Recent Outing With Josh Gordon Was All About Winning Off The Field

Earlier this week Tom Brady fired up Patriots fans by posting some photos of Josh Gordon and himself tossing around the pigskin. Many may have thought of it as a sign that Gordon is on the verge of being reinstated to the league but it is actually something much greater than that. Tom Brady is looking out for Flash’s well being. This is nothing more than Tom being the same kind of hero off the field that he is on as he has treated Gordon like a younger brother ever since he arrived in Foxborough.

“He recognized that Josh Gordon made the team better and recognized that he was going to need some attention,” according to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington.. “Josh Gordon was going out to dinner with Tom Brady and Gisele at times because Tom recognized that he needs to bring this guy in, foster him, make him feel like he is at home, recognizing some of the issues that Josh Gordon goes through.”

Darlington added: “While that is, in part, a guy just trying to get better, it’s also Tom Brady being a really good person, continuing to try to help out and manifest Josh Gordon, Tom Brady, to this day, really respects Josh Gordon and would love to see him live a better life.”

Maybe Gordon doesn’t get another chance to play football, but some things are bigger than the game. It is possible he may have used the last chance Roger Goodell will give him, but what Tom Brady is giving him is likely far greater than anyone else has to this point and it is hope. Brady has stepped up to make sure his guy is getting the necessary support to get clean and live the life that he deserves, and there is no greater play than that.

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Practice makes perfect.

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