Tom Brady Was So Excited Antonio Brown Joined The Patriots He Asked Him To Move In With Him

If there were any doubts about if Tom Brady would accept Antonio Brown on the team they were quickly washed away. NBC Sunday night football announcer Al Michaels said Brady was so happy to have Brown join the Patriots, that he actually asked him to move in with him.

Al Michaels said that Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus shared that minutes after learning of the signing. Brady offered up a spare bedroom to Brown until he finds a place of his own,
Here’s how Michaels explained it:

“Kraft also told me that when he broke the news to Tom Brady, Brady initially said, ‘I’m 100 percent in.’ Two minutes later, Tom came back, said to Kraft, ‘I’m a thousand percent in.’ Then he came back two minutes later and said, ‘I’m a million percent in.’
“And finally I just talked to Drew Rosenhaus, who made the deal, who’s Brown’s agent, and Drew said that Brady told Brown, ‘Come move in with me until you get settled in New England.’ How happy is Tom?”

It’s safe to say Tom is extremely happy with Brown joining the team. Brown will make an already potent offense nearly unstoppable and will be a key component to winning another Superbowl.

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