Tom Brady Stuffed Max Kellerman In A Locker With His Latest Instagram Post

If Max Kellerman is hoping this is going to be the year that Tom Brady falls off the cliff he should not hold his breath. Brady has an early morning message for him and it suggests that Tom may have actually gotten stronger in the offseason. Brady was clocked at 61 MPH this morning. To put that into perspective compared to other quarterbacks, Speed guns have only been used at the NFL combine since 2008 and the record for fastest throw was recorded by former Virginia Tech quarterback, Logan Thomas, who threw the ball at 60mph in 2014.

Kellerman has been saying Brady is going to fall off the cliff for years. If he plays until he is 60 it may eventually happen but Brady has made him eat his words for years now with what has been the best stretch of his career. I have a feeling Brady still has plenty left in the tank and Kellerman will be looking like an ass for years to come.