Tom Brady Shared His Thoughts On The Helmet to Helmet Hit On Josh Allen

There has been a lot of debate regarding Jonathan Jones hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen yesterday. The hit although worthy of a flag was not taken as deliberate and Jones was not removed from the game. Bills quarterback Josh Allen clearly lowered his head on the play in an attempt to get the first down. During an interview on “The Greg Hill Show” Brady shared his thoughts on the matter.

Brady said it’s a prime example of why he chooses not to run.
“From a quarterback’s standpoint, I feel like it’s always best to try to be available to the team, and it’s trying to take risk-reward and so forth,” Brady said,

“Nobody likes to see anybody get hurt out there. From my own experience, I try to do the best I can to avoid any big shots like that.”

“A lot of quarterbacks who do run, they’re trying to make yards and it’s great,” Brady said. “At the same time, you’re susceptible to big hits. Whether it’s flagged or not, or whether it’s a penalty, a lot of the rules have changed over the years.

Brady also said he has taken some advice from Bill Belichick that he has used throughout his career.

“Coach Belichick said to me, ‘Hey Brady, if you want to have a career in this league, when you’re running like that, you either throw the ball away or slide!’ I’ve kind of taken to that.”