Tom Brady Hates The Dodgers And Believes The Red Sox Will Win The World Series

Late last week, Julian Edelman made his feelings clear about the Dodgers known, saying he hates them and would like the Red Sox to “pound them” in the World Series.
Growing up in the Bay Area as well Tom Brady, who grew up a San Francisco Giants fan, claims he also hates the Dodgers and predicted the Red Sox will win the World Series. The Dodgers and Giants are the 2nd biggest rivals in baseball next to Boston and New York.

“I do,” he said. “I was a Giants fan growing up and now I am a Red Sox fan. It couldn’t set up any better for the Red Sox to win the World Series, and I think they are going to do it. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. It has been awhile since they have been in the World Series, but everyone is paying attention, everyone is following them. They have had an incredible season and we’re all cheering them on. It’s going to be pretty sweet.”

Game 1 of the World Series will be Tuesday night. First pitch is set for 8:09 p.m.