Tom Brady Is Seeking A New Contract Extension

Reports of ridiculous speculation broke earlier today that Tom Brady might retire before the 2018 season begins. It was obviously a slow news day and Adam Schefter must have needed to fill a quota. Those reports are already being crushed by reports that Brady is now seeking an extension on his current deal and it appears the great one fully intends on playing a few more seasons.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the franchise quarterback is seeking a new contract before the upcoming season.

“Tom Brady is going to play in 2018,” Rapoport explained. “He said it. Everyone close to him has said it. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said it. The Patriots are going forward with the very strict and stern belief that he will be playing for 2018. I don’t get the sense that they considered any of these reports this morning about ‘maybe he doesn’t play.’

“I also know Brady is planning a little passing camp with some of his buddies before training camp. That does not sound like the kind of the thing you would do if you were not going to play in 2018.”

Tom Brady did not play all these seasons and build a legend in the New England area to leave the Patriots high and dry. Brady could have retired over a decade ago and forever been a hero in the New England area, but with the Garoppolo trade you have to believe some sort of commitment was made prior to the deal. I highly doubt retirement prior to this season has even crossed his mind. Brady should be fully expected to return without incident for the 2018 season and beyond.